Polski Tiếng Việt

ASG Business Center is located at Nadrzeczna Str., Wolka Kosowska, Lesznowola Dist., about 20 km away from the centre of Warsaw. It is situated close to the Krakowska highway that links Warsaw with Krakow, the previous capital of Poland. This location creates very convenient communications for our customers.

The investor, ASG-PL Co. Ltd. has built and operated ASG Business Center since September 2002. This is a modern Trade Center with an area of 100.000m2, which consists of an exhibition room, service offices, over 300 wholesale shops, and a spacious and convenient store and parking system. Built in comity with EU standard, with modern equipments, such as central air-conditioning system, Internet access network, CCTV system and a complete service system, ASG Business Center will provide the best conditions for business activities at present and in the future. Besides, ASG Business Center also provide other services, cafe internet, meeting area and other entertainment. Coming here, you can taste Oriental foods, especially Vietnamese and Chinese food.

In 2005 ASG-PL Co. completed a “connection point” that links two existed parts.

In 2011 the Centre ASG has put into operation a new hall 3, which is located in front of the Hall 2. in Hall 3 are more than 100 box for merchants who can offer their products.